Why hire an attorney to help me in my family law case?

A lot of people, particularly in these tough economic times, certainly wonder why hiring an experienced family law attorney in a family law case matters.  Though the reasons are arguably countless, I have gathered a few of my top thoughts for your consideration:

1) The other party’s attorney is not your attorney.  An attorney in a family law matter represents one side, not both.  How can an attorney truly advise each party as to what steps he or she should take if the attorney’s loyalties are divided?  You need someone to look after your interests.

2) A huge portion of this firm’s clients did not have an attorney in an initial matter, especially dealing with children, and are left with either the proverbial “short end” of the stick utilizing an agreement drafted by the opposing side’s attorney without the benefit of “friendly review” (see number 1 above) or with an agreement that is obviously from a website or store bought package.  These versions rarely address the contingencies and matters that seem unexpected to someone who does not “do this for a living.”  While it is nearly impossible to draft for all contingencies and life changing events, an experienced family law attorney should have enough experience to provide you with guidance as to terms and provisions to include that protect your interests based on your concerns now and in the future.  It is often better to pay a bit more now than to wait until something goes wrong with a store or internet bought agreement and have to pay a lot then to fix it.

3) It is our belief that a good family law attorney should not only be willing and able to fight for your cause, but he or she should also be willing and able to provide you with solid advice and counsel as to how to approach the issues and events that occur, discuss possible settlement, to prepare you for any court appearances, and to be a sounding board for your ideas and concerns with your best interests in mind.  Good counsel can be invaluable.  Also, family law cases are unique creatures – your friend in a different state that went through a divorce and custody battle may seem qualified to give you advice, but family law cases are often extremely fact specific and domestic laws vary by state, such that listening to someone unqualified to give advice is often a recipe for disaster and disappointment.

4) An experienced family law attorney will be able to focus on your case while you focus on your job and life.  Though it is nearly impossible to block out a family law matter completely, having an attorney to assist allows a client to concentrate on work, family, relationships, health, and other such matters while the attorney does what he or she is trained to do.

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